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Traditional copper infrastructure has been around for decades, proven ideally to be suited for voice services. It can carry a 64 Kb/s, 4 KHz voice signal only over a limited distance.
In every way fiber is superior to copper. Fiber Connet technology uses glass tubes that take advantage of the properties of light. The speed of light is faster than any other physical wave known to man. The fiber medium uses a light waves that work better than electrical signals that travel through copper wire. This ensures internet speeds faster than that of the copper wires.

We provide you multiple options to retrieve your password.
1. You can call us on 044-61556666 and we will ask you certain questions to confirm and validate your records in our database. Once confirmed, the password will be SMS'd to your registered mobile number and emailed to your registered email address.
2. Email us on cc@ficustelecom.in / info@ficustelecom.com.Please mention your name, username, account number, mobile number. The information provided by you will be cross checked with our database and the password will be sent via email and SMS to you registered email address and mobile number.

Your password can be changed on selfcare.ficustelecom.com. Please log in first and go to My Account Page. Here, click on "change password", fill in the relevant information and click on "submit". This action will change your password immediately. It is recommended that you change your password the first time you log in, and also keep changing it periodically for better security of your account. And update the same in your router too.

For your security, there is automatic session time out configured on your account. In case of prolonged periods of continuous inactivity, your computer will be logged out.

Advance rental is nothing but your billing period stands from 1-31 and user have a due date 1-7 to avoid server disruption pay bills before the due date.

Depending on the feasibility, after applying for FICUS TELCOM Fiber Connect within 5/7 working days FICUS TELCOM Fiber Connect connection would be installed If you are staying same building or within 100 meters radius from FICUS TELCOM Fiber Connect access switch point you could get your connection within one day also.

Register Complaint option available in website www.ficustelecom.com, You can submit your request and our expertise support team will call u immediately on working hours.
In case of any queries or complaint you can call on 044 6155 6666 or write to cc@ficustelecom.in. Our trained customer care agent will try to sort out the issue through phone. If still the complaint remains. After the complaint is registered within 24 business hours any network related problem would be rectified.

Our customer support team is available to serve your needs 24/7. They can be reached by any of the following ways -
• Call on 044-61556666
• Email on cc@ficustelecom.in

While the FICUS TELCOM Fiber Connect packages have been designed to give unlimited Fiber Connect experience to the subscribers, few customers may use excessive amount of the data transfer, causing traffic congestion on the network. In order not to impair the experience of other users, a Fair Usage Policy is applied. This helps to give the desired Internet usage experience to all users, especially since Fiber Connect is a shared bandwidth experience and the over-usage of a group of customers must not affect the rest of the users.

Each package has been defined with a significantly large and extremely generous data transfer levels, so that most typical users will never cross these levels of data consumption. In a situation, where a user has utilized and consumed the Fair Usage Data Limit in a particular month, the speed of this user will be reduced to the Speed-Breaker speed for the remaining of the month. The Speed Breaker Speed for different packages has been designed to ensure a good usage and download experience at reasonable speeds for the remaining of the month.
NOTE : If the customer in bulk package, At the beginning of every month, the speed will be automatically reset and increased to the speed as per Subscribed Package.

To apply for FICUS TELCOM Fiber Connect you can call on 044 6155 6666 or visit our website www.ficustelecom.com and fill the details in enquiry form or write to info@ficustelecom.com

No. Wi-Fi router is not mandatory for FICUS TELCOM Fiber Connect. In case if you want to use internet on more than one device (smart phone, I Pad, Multiple computers etc.) you would require a Wi-Fi router connection.

No. Since, FICUS TELCOM Fiber Connect. uses fiber-to-the-home technology it doesn’t require any modem or a land-line phone. It’s just a plug and play connection which could be utilised just by connecting it with a computer with one time configuration.

Account Number is the unique identification number assigned to every customer in FICUS and this should be handy, when you interact with FICUS service executive.

Plan Tariff is plan which the subscriber has opted for and which determines the Speed, FUP and the subscription charges to be paid by the customer for a given pre-determined period.

We have a range of payment options to suit our customer needs.
Online Payment: You can make online payment through selfcare.ficustelecom.com Please log in first and go to Bills / recharge. Then, click on "Recharge or Make payment" Then, click on “Confirm & Renew” fill in the relevant information and click on "submit". Payment pick-up at door step: You could make the call to our Helpdesk / Download ficus app and "Collect Payment", We shall send a collection executive to collect the payment.

If the account is not active at the time of payment, We always recommend customer to check their connectivity status through our FICUS 24/7 customer care agent and based on their recommendation proceed further.

Creating a Dial Up Connection or Dialer on a computer is very useful to check if the cable or DSL modem is properly set to bridged mode. In that way, we can test if the PPPoE username and password provided by DSL service provider is working and also if the modem is properly set to full-bridged mode

STEP 1. Click on Start button and then, Control Panel.

STEP 2. Go to Network and Sharing Center.

STEP 3. Select on Set up a new connection or network.

STEP 4. A wizard will appear on the screen. Choose Connect to the Internet.

STEP 5. Select Set up a new connection anyway.

STEP 6. Select Broadband (PPPoE)..

STEP 7. Enter the username and password given by your ISP and then, click on Connect.

If the customer can successfully connect to the internet using the Dial up connection that was created it means that the username and password is correct and modem is properly set to Bridged mode.